Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 9 : 30 km : Trefonen to Llangollen

But it seems so close in the car!

Blimey! That was a long day. I've soaked in the bath and had a pint in a pub and dinner in a cafe; and my feet still ache!

If yesterday was all dreamy meadows and towpaths (and a bloody big hill), today was all ups and downs and tow paths and more ups and downs and flat bits and meadows and tow paths and aqueducts and viaducts and woods and flat bits and hills and castles on top of hills and .....

And my feet still ache! Or did I mention that already? 30km it turns out is about where my body throws up its hands (feet?) and says "Hey! We need to call it a day about now!" and I was glad to be able to say ok. At last.

It was a hot day with a wind, from the south east I think, which almost makes me feel the weather is changing, despite the wall-to-wall 'sun' icons on the forecast! I'm wondering how safe it is to continue to not carry a waterproof?! From Trefonen it was a lovely walk up into Candy Woods and beyond. But always the route was up and down to some degree. And at times a large degree too! The woods were captivating. The viaduct, aqueduct and canal were lovely. Castle Dinas Bran on top if a 320m hill right at the very very end was the last straw. It was built about 1260 AD on top of a Iron Age hill-fort from 600 BC so its been waiting for me a long time! But today was a bad day! Everything was lovely but it's just that there was do much of it all. Oh! Oh! My feets dem!

Here's some pictures from today and they are going to spill over into a couple of posts too. if I had to walk it, you have to view it!!!

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