Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 3 : 27km : Pandy to Hay-On-Wye

The walk today took a climb for a few km up to the top of a ridge and then was about 20k along a more or less flat and often paved path at about 600m. It was totally in the clouds for the whole way. On a fine day I'm sure the views are terrific but I saw nothing further than 30m ahead of me. It was also very boggy but Monmouth Council have thoughtfully put heavy paving stones / rocks on the most boggy bits so for mile after mile you walk along them surrounded by squishing, pooling peat bog, heather and bilberry. It's actually very pretty but because of the mist I strode along in a kind of sensory deprivation bubble for hours, emerging only a few miles from Hay on Wye as the path descended out of the clouds.  For all that, not an unpleasant day and because it was mostly level and often paved, it was actually an easy day too . I think I should do it again one day when the weather is clearer.  

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