Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 2 : 26km : Monmouth to Pandy

Monmouth to where?

Monmouth is pretty. Not as pretty as Richmond (north or south, take your pick) but its worth a walk down the high street. Once! Theres a 13th century gatehouse at the south-west end which is apparently in perfect working order. (pictured) Considering the road that runs through it is blocked to traffic I guess a malfunction now and the would probably go unnoticed! It seems not to have gates either so I'm not sure how it 'works'.
You can see the lovely morning we had in Mom-muff-shire today. Pity it didn't last! By afternoon the drizzle was turning to rain and I spent the last 15km lost in inner musings inside my GoreTex hood! I also found out how little grip wet wooden sleepers afford to nice rubber soles hiking boots. My ass nearly went down!
I also deceived myself yesterday. No big hills rolled my way today. Just lots of smaller little cussing 'tings that make you puff and blow just do you can walk down the other side again. For nothing!
I did go past a nice 'white' castle though (ruined) on top of a large undulation.
Is this the Marches yet? Nobody's marching anywhere near here! It's way way to undulating! I guess on a sunny day it's pretty. I extrapolated through the haze of passing squalls and wondered if I will be in the clouds tomorrow.
Now tomorrow! There are certainly hills to climb tomorrow! They are right behind Pandy. In fact they could be almost 500m high. Oooooh! I'm gonna get soaked!

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  1. Hey you. Sounds like you had a wet day! Get dry and warm up. Hope it clears up for you. I would hurry up north too fast, it's raining here too