Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 10 : 23 km : Llangollen to Clwyd Gate

Yet another fantastic day of sunshine! Oh wow! Oh wow! Oh wow! What did I do to deserve all this? I've been naughty you know; at least once! 

After yesterday's marathon, most anything would have seemed good but today was actually a lovely day of grand views, narrow pathways with scary drops and more serious hills that offer the chance to cover some distance at height, once you've sweated your way up there. Oh yes, and then there were peacefully streams and meadows too to add a little contrast. All in all, a lovely and manageable day. 

And I came round the side of Moel Gyw (which is a 467m hill) and guess what? In the haze in the distance I'm pretty sure I could see the sea! So the end is within sight. Just two more days to go. Elation and sadness all in one! 

But that's all to be dealt with on Monday! For now, it's cool shower time, it's beer o'clock time and then dinner time! 

Here's the magic you all missed today!

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