Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 7 : 24 km : Cwm to Welshpool

The walk today was varied and pleasant. Lots of fields, some full of rape in full flower so brightly yellow it hurts. Some pretty woodland, some steep forest trail ascents, some hushed tracts of forestry commission plantations, some ancient earthworks dating from 700 BC and a very hot day! Those uphill bits are guaranteed to soak the t-shirt on a day like today. There were some fine views too but it was a bit too hazy to pick out the details. And finally, after so many days and miles, I can see the area where my parents live in the far distance with Rodney's Pillar on the Breidden Hills offering a common visual anchor from both here and there. A smashing and beautiful day today. And thankfully a bit flatter than yesterday. 

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